torsdag 21 januari 2010

The blame game

Pugs have taken the blamegame to new extremes. Giving into nerdrage and lashing out on all the noobs is more common than ever.
So who´s fault is it really? The Tank for not keeping aggro? The Dps for overaggro or maybe the healer that lets everybody die a horrible death with dreaded repaircosts.
I blame blizzard for making the game so easy that people dont expect to die anymore and actually gets upset when they do.
Doing instances and raids used to take a lot of communication and really focus on what was going on.
Often a pull would start with assigning targets for "CC" crowd-control. On hard pulls with 4-6 mobs you needed to have 2 classes capable of doing CC.
And a tank could not hold threath on everything on screen so a killing order was crucial for the dps so not to aggro mobs from the tank.
Healers needed to be protected and could not handle a whole group taking damage or healing through when a rogue decides to tank a boss.
But things change and I understand why Blizzard wants to make the game and content easier for more people cause more gamers mean more subscriptions and more money.
Can not help felling a slight sting in my heart of longing for the old days every time I pug a group and run through a heroic under 15 minutes without anybody ever saying a word except for after the final boss when it is "cya l8 noobs".

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