tisdag 19 januari 2010

Fishing for Baby Crocolisks

I have never been able to get this on any of my toons until tonight. I´m really happy. Yes I know very nerdy getting so excited about an ingame event but I can´t help it . So what am I talking about? Well outside the now deserted city of Shattrath on the shore of Slimyr Lake stands Old Man Barlo. He gives out 5 diffrent daily fishing quests and if you are lucky you get Crocolisks in the City. Now the quest is easy. Go to Stormwind or Ogrimmar and fish up a "Baby Crocolisk". Then return to Old Man Barlo and get your reward. Now the percentage getting a baby crocolisk pet is about 4% and there are 4 diffrent pets to collect. So a fast recap. First you need to be lucky and get the right daily quest. The "Crocolisks in the City". Then you have to get the pet to drop at 4% chanse and if you are after all 4 pets you have to get lucky and get the right pet to drop. I know people having done this quest 100+ times and still not getting all pets. Well tonight I did it and I really feel it should be an achievment for this. Let me present my pets. Toothy, Chuck, Snarly and Muckbreath

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